Leighton-Linslade Past Times: including Billington, Eggington, Heath & Reach and Stanbridge
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Manorial History - Billington Manor

An estate in the village of Billington became known as Billington Manor in 1496. It had long been the property of a family also of the name Billington. In 1349, John Billington made a settlement of his estate in Leighton, Billington and Stanbridge on himself with the remainderr to his son John. The estate remained in the descendants of this family until 1527 when Joan Haslewood conveyed it to Robert Dormer (he later became Sir Robert Dormer) and at the same she alienated the manor of Kimptons (in Stanbridge). These two manors descended together, but in 1556, the Jackmans parted with Kimptons, and retained Billington. The manor stayed with the Jackman family (see also Renold Jackman will) until 1636 when Gabriel Jackman and his wife Elizabeth alientated the manor to John Huxley. Billington manor remained in the Huxley family throughout the 1700s, but by 1808 it had become the propeerty of the Pottingals, and by 1869 it had passed to the Hanmers, the lords of the manor of Leighton. Subsequently the manor passed to Mr. J. T. Mills.