Leighton-Linslade Past Times: including Billington, Eggington, Heath & Reach and Stanbridge
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The Leighton Buzzard entry in the Domesday Book


M. LESTONE a demesne manor of the king is now assessed (se defendit pro) at 47 hides. T.R.E. there were but 30 hides (there). Of these 47 hides 43 are in the king's hands. There is land for 52 ploughs. On the demesne are 6, and the villeins have 46. There are 4 score and 2 villeins and 30 bordars and 2 serfs and 2 mills worth (de) 30 shillings, meadow (sufficient) for 40 plough teams and woodland (to feed) 100 swine. The toll from the market yields 22 pounds of weighed money (ad pensum) and half a day's (provision for the) king's 'ferm' in grain and honey and other things pertaining to the 'ferm.' For the queen's use it pays 2 ounces of gold; and for 1 packhorse and for customary payment for the dogs 70 shillings; and 100 shillings weighed money (ad pensum) and 40 shillings of blanch (albo) silver which (hoc) Ivo Talliebosc imposed in addition (misit de decremento); and 1 ounce of gold for the use of the sheriff yearly.

Of the land of this manor Wenesi the chamberlain held 10 hides of King Edward which Ralf Talliebosc added to (apposuit in) Lestone, whereto they did not belong T.R.E., and again the same Ralf added (apposuit) to this manor other 7 hides which were not in it T.R.E. These 7 hides Starcher, a thegn of King Edward, held.

The church of this manor Bishop Remigius holds, with 4 hides are reckoned in the 47 hides of the manor. There is land for 3 ploughs (in them). On the demesne is 1, and the villeins have 1, and there could be another. There are 6 villeins and 6 bordars and meadow (sufficient) for 3 plough teams. This land with the church, is and was worth 4 pounds. Bishop Wlwi held it T.R.E.

see glossary for expanation of the terms used