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Richard Embrye

Prerogative Court of Canterbury will made: 3rd December 1610
National Archive Catalogue reference: PROB 11/120

The original document is in the custody of the National Archives. Additionally the National Archives hold a sentence relating to this will, which is written in Latin of dated 4th November 1612 and reference PROB 11/120


In the name of God amen the third Daye of December in the Yere of oure Lord god one thowsand sixe hundred and tenne. I Richard Embrye of Leighton Bussard in the Countie of Bedford Considering the frailetie of this p[rese]nt life and the uncerteyntie of the hower of Deathe Do therfore purpose to sett myne house and worldlye afaires in order and to that ende ordeyne this as my last will and testam[en]t in manner and forme folowinge viz. First I Commend my soule into the handes of [Chr]iste Jesus my Savyorre by whose obedience and sufferinges only I trust to enherit eternall life. My bodye I ordayne to be buryed Decentlye in the churchyarde of Leighton aforesayed at the descetion of myne executor hereafter named. Item I give unto John Sclater twentie shillinges so be as the Daye of my Funerall he preache a Sermon of Commemoracon for me in the churche of Leighton aforesayed. Item to the Minister and Churchmen of Leighton for the tyme beyng I bequeathe as a poore Mite for the Lordes treasury three poundes to be ymployed in buying a booke of Martirs the same to be sufficientlie bownd in twoe volumes and fastened with twoe chaynes in the Channcell of Leighton, there for ever to remayne to the use and behoofe of the parishe. Item to the poore of Leighton I give forty shillinges to be Devided amongest them at the Discretion of the Minister and Churchwarders Item to the poore of Aston in the Countie of Hertford where I was some tymes inhabiting I give twentie shillinges, to be Devided as aforesayed. Item to the poore of Harlington I give tenne shillinges. Item to my brother George Embrye I give my best Cloake best Dublet and breeches and in money tenne poundes \The saide tenn poundes/ to be payed unto hym at every of the fower yerelie quarters, twentie shillinges till the whole somme be received. Item I give unto my sister Margaret Gates fyve poundes. And to her daughter my Niece fyve poundes the sayed sommes to be payed unto them at the Feast of Saint John Baptist nowe next ensewing. And yf it so fall out that either of them Decease before the sayed Tearme expired my will is then that the Survivor recyve the whole tenne poundes Item unto Maryeon Embrye the Daughter of Thomas Embrye I give tenne poundes to be paied when she shall fullie accomplishe the age of one and twentye yeres. Item I give to Henry and Elizabeth Embrye of Southwarke eache of them fyve poundes to be paied likewise when they shalbe one and twentie yeres old severally. Nowe yf it happen that the sayed Marrian Henry or Elizabeth Embrye any of them Decease before the sayed tearme of yeres accomplished I will that the Survivors of them shall equallie receyve the others Legacy. Item I bequeathe unto John Ranes the younger sixe poundes thirteene shillinges fower pence, to be ymployed to his beharfe when he shalbe sixteene yeres old, to be paied hym when he shall fullie accomplishe the age of twentie fower yeres. Before which tyme yf the sayed John Ranes shall dye my will is that the saied somme so ymployed by the Discretion of myne Executor be equallie Distributed betwixt the children of Thomas Embrye then living. Item to eache of Mathewe Hanscombes children I give tenne shillinges. And to the poore of Hallowell in the parishe of Shitlington and Countie of Bedf[ord] Tenne shillinges which beyng trulie Discharged I forgive unto the sayed Mathewe the Residue of my yeres rent. Item to eache of William Peersons children I give twentie shillinges to be presentlie ymployed by myne executor in malt making to theire best behoofe till eache shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeres, and then successivelie to receyve the sayed legacy with thencrease therof, by proportion. Yf any of the saied sixe children Decease before the sayed Tearme my will is that the Survivors shall equallie receyve the others Legacey with thencrease And further at every yeres end my will ys that Accompte be made concerning the Encrease of the sayed money of myne overseers hereafter named. Item to John Hilles of Aston my god sonne I give tenne shillinges. Item to William Embrye of Leighton I give three poundes And to Jerome Embrye three poundes thirteene shillinges fower pence, to be paied unto them when they shall severallie have accomplished the age of thirtie yeres. And yf it fall out that before the saied tyme either or bothe of them dye that then George Embrye or his wife to receyve the whole somme of sixe poundes thirteene shillinges fower pence. Item I constitute and appoynte my welbeloved Richard Trendlye of Leighton of this my last will the full and sole executor. Requesting Anthony Sclater and John Sclater of Leighton Clerkes to be to hym Assistantes and overseers, to eache of whome for theire paynes to be taken in that buisines I bequeathe twentye shillinges The residue of my goodes and chattells (my Legaceys payed and funerall expenses satisfied I bequeathe them all to myne executor before specified. In witnes whereof I have puto theise presentes set mine hand and seale the Daye and yere first abovewritten. The marke of Richard Embrye ~/ ~/ Signed sealed and as the last will and testament of Richard Embrye published in the presence of us. Laurence Plommer. Timothie Bechinoe. /~

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